Professional liability insurance policy

Best Professional Liability Insurance Policy Tips And Errors

Professional Liability Insurance Policy Tips And Errors

In this article we are going to briefly look into Understanding Professional Liability Insurance Policy, Tips And Errors In Professional Liability Insurance and Difference Between General Liability Insurance And Professional Liability Insurance Policies. Without wasting time,lets dive into the subjects as stated above.

To Understand Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Let start by looking at a question that can be potentially directed to an agent.
The Question : Lets say a customer sued me for a mistake I made while I was providing a service, will my general liability insurance protect me?

The Answer: It depends, it is important to understand that a general liability policy is not so general. You see, a general liability policy can be seen as a law suit policy, It pays for property damage or bodily injuries to customers of third party which happened as a result of your work or injury that happens within the environment of your work place.

But for example, professions or work that require expertise or a license to provide services may also need professional liability in case you get sued because your customer suffered a financial loss or as a result of the kind of work/service you provide or suffered some bodily injury that may be bigger than what the general liability is designed to cover. If it still sounds confusing, let one of our Commercial Agents know exactly what you do, and get an estimate on affordable Professional Liability Insurance today.

Best Tips And Errors In Professional Liability Insurance Policy

As a member of your association you benefit from industry leading insurance. So you’re covered, right? Maybe, but now consider that your business has unique qualities.

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That Insurance has become more complex. And that Canadians have become increasingly litigious. We understand the risk you face as far as this subject is concerned, our articles here are professional to guide and connect you to the extra protection you need.

We know your profession extensively. And we strongly advise you to have your own Professional Liability coverage. Here’s why. Canada is becoming more litigious, if you are sued, you’ll want a lawyer experienced in defending professional negligence claims, even defending yourself from a frivolous claim can be costly and it isn’t uncommon, then there are the damages that can happen to your reputation.

You need to defend yourself from complaints against you as a professional, and if you can’t afford to defend yourself you could lose your license to practice. Are you on contract? Then you’re not covered by your employer’s insurance. If you are sued, your personal finances are on the line. ProLink can help protect you and your assets by covering legal defense costs, and settlements awarded against you.

The policy is affordable and sign-up is easy. In less than 10 minutes you can complete the application and purchase the policy. Can you afford not to get it? In a time of unpredictability, we help to connect you to the coverage you need to protect your properties/assets and your business.

Difference Between General Liability Insurance And Professional Liability Insurance Policies

So, you have a professional service, whether it’s tech, or you are photographer, your creating a service for somebody you know, a lawyer’s professional service agent, consultant and all that stuff. Now, if you just have general liability that just covers property damages and bodily injuries, now could people sue you for other things besides that? let’s say you missed the mark.

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let’s say you sue them for not paying you and they counter sue you, these are all professional service claims where nobody was hurt, no property incurred damages, and the only way to cover that is through professional liability, so if you’re only with general liability that’s really only gonna satisfy just a couple contracts for you, It’s not going to help you when there’s an actual claim.

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