4 cheapest types of Arca life insurance

All about the 4 cheapest types of Arca life insurance: invest your savings and earn

All about the 4 cheapest types of Arca life insurance: invest your savings and earn.
Arca Assicurazioni life insurance, the types, the capital insured, who should subscribe to them, the premium costs, the compensation for death.
4 cheapest types of Arca life insurance
4 Cheapest Types of Arca Life Insurance

Arca life insurance is a financial product offered by an insurance company that aims to offer different types of policies with different affiliates , which allow their potential customers to take out the insurance that best suits their level and form of risk. and the economic availability of each subscriber. However, it should not be thought that this type of insurance is different from common life policies: the insured capital, the cost of the premium and the conditions for disbursement and payment of the capital in the event of verification of the situation for which the insurance was subscribed remain unchanged. .

The aim of the Arca Assicurazioni company is to provide insurance against accidents , to propose policy formulas for the protection of the person, such as life insurance in the event of death or in the event of life, policies for work or leisure, up to to insurance companies that provide for the investment of sums of money as savings. On the national territory it is possible to find numerous Arca Assicurazioni branches (about 2,150 offices) that offer numerous insurance solutions, designed and conceived for every person working or not, public or state employee, retiree or self-employed.

Arca life insurance: TYPES

The Vita Arca insurance company offers numerous savings and investment solutions by offering different types of life insurance policies:

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InvestiDoc 2%;

InvestiDoc Free 2%;

InvestTIME 2%;

For Them New.

1. ARCA INVESTIDOC life insurance 2%

The Arca InvestiDoc 2% investment form allows you to choose the duration of the investment plan, guaranteeing a return on capital of 2% . The amount invested is revalued in relation to the performance of the Oscar 100% Separate Account, excluding the risk associated with the negative performance of the financial market.

FOR WHOM IT IS SUITABLE : usually this form of investmentis not, for this reason, chosen by users who need toobtain a fixed sum for the liquidation of the capital. InvestiDoc 2% allows, on the other hand, to obtain the settlement of the sum paid even after the following 12 months from the signing of the contract. Furthermore, the capital is liquidable already after the first twelve months from the subscription.

2. ARCA INVESTIDOC Free life insurance 2%

The second investment solution offered by the Arca insurance company is the InvestiDoc Free 2% Policy , which allows the subscriber user to guarantee a minimum return of 2% , with the certainty of total liquidation of the insured capital. Even with this investment solution, the subscriber of the contract does not run the risk of losing the insured sum in the event of fluctuations or negative trends in the financial market.

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FOR WHOM IT IS SUITABLE : this type of policy in the form of an investment is suitable for the person who wishes to obtain a minimum return but does not allow the risk of losing money at the time of liquidation.

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3. ARCA InvestiTIME life insurance 2%

The third investment solution of the Arca insurance company is the 2% InvestiTIME Policy , which has the objective of protecting the insured capital, allowing the subscriber of the contract to obtain two different types of returns, regardless of market trends. . The InvestiTIME 2% policy provides for the annual payment of a coupon equal to 2% of the insured capital , allowing you to always receive a secure sum , without taking risks in losing the sum and guaranteeing:

annual return with certain sum;

an additional yield with variable sum.

FOR WHO IT IS SUITABLE : this type of policy is the ideal solution for those who want to take out insurance that provides for the payment of the annual premium in proportion to the insured capital, without the risk of losing the sum invested.

4. ARCA life insurance “FOR THEM NEW”

A fourth life insurance solution from which to draw advantageous interests in the return on capital and in the coverage of damages and risks is the form of Life Policy Per Loro New , which provides for the payment of an indemnity to the person designated as the recipient at the time of signing of the contract in the event of the death or permanent disability of the insured person. This particular type of life insurance policy allows you to economically protect your loved ones in the event of the death of the policy subscriber.

FOR WHOM IT IS SUITABLE : in order to subscribe this type of insurance via in case of death of the insurance company Arca Assicurazioni, the insured must be between 18 and 65 years of age, signing a contract with a minimum duration of 5 years and a maximum of 20 years, a solution particularly suitable for those who want to invest their money in a short savings plan.

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TO RECAP: TABLE ON ARCA life insurance

To summarize, better understand and allow a closer comparison between the 4 types of life insurance proposed by Arca Assicurazioni in the form of investment, a table is proposed below that allows you to combine the data on the percentage of return of the policy , risk and coverage in the event of death :

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