Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers and teens

Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers and Teens

Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers and Teens

Learning to drive is not easy as some people may think. Picking out the correct insurance makes that indeed tougher. Below are the young driver selections for car insurance:

1. Geico
3. State Farm
4. Progressive
5. Amica

Young drivers and teens are among the most costly to give car insurance policy.These set of drivers are more accident-prone, given their inadequate knowledge as regards to cars and driving. Because of this, their insurance premium is always high, adding big amount of money or thousands of dollars to a parent’s auto insurance cost. On an average, most parents can anticipate to see their yearly insurance payment increase by $2,531 when adding a 16 yrs old young driver to their normal car insurance coverage or policy, according to site. In fact to be precise, that is never the total cost but should be seen as an additional cost. In comparison, the average yearly insurance premium for complete coverage of a 40-yrs-old young driver with a clean driving record and good credit is $1,771. Plus,if a teen or young driver has a auto accident or gets a ticket, insurance prices can add an additional 20 percent to 40 percent.

Given the sky-high pricing, we have collected a list of carriers with good ratings that also offer nice discounts for young drivers and teens to help bring down the premium. Accident forgiveness is included in all of our selections and works in all the 50 countries including DC, Amica not included and does not involve coverage in Hawaii.

Before we continue, there are some things we must have in mind in order to understand Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers and Teens.

What to know about insurance for young drivers and teens.

The teen drivers are those in the age bracket of 16 to 19, while the young adult drivers are between the age of 20 and 25. The most costly age bracket to insure are 16-yrs-old.( Teen boys are most likely to have more fatal car accidents than others, and are more expensive to insure.) the premium for the car insurance generally drop each time a young driver or teen driver acquires more knowledge on cars and driving.

Once your child get to 18,as a parent you will need to decide whether to buy a separate auto insurance policy for your teen or have them added on your own insurance.It’s nearly noway less costly to have your teens listed under your own insurance,”according to Michael Giusti, an insurance analyst at Insurance Quotes.” Nearly every metric used to rate insurance programs will favor the parents..driving history, age,credit, so the base cost of insurance would be arranged, and with the teen can be as an add- on.”

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Still, there are situations like if the teens already have bad driving history,it could be a better idea for the teen to be on their own separate insurance plan.Though Putting the teen on their own separate insurance policy wouldn’t be less costly, but it could keep that history from pulling down the parents rating,” the analyst said.

How do you save some money on car insurance for young drivers and teens?

There are many ways to cut down on insurance policy costs. For example, being a good driver and using more efficient and effective vehicles( like Honda Civics,Toyota Priuses and Nissan Rogues) could cut costs for teen drivers too, Giusti said. There are also benefits or discounts base on how frequently you use your auto car” Some companies offer discounts to drivers who drive lower than the average number of miles annually,” according to Janet Ruiz, the director of strategic communication at Insurance Information Institute.

Teens can also qualify for” good student discount”, or a discount or incentives based on learning safe driving habits from a protective driving course or graduated motorist licensing programs.You may also be suitable to save some money if the younger motorist on your policy is not using their auto cars or automobile because they are at school.” If there’s a young motorist on your policy who’s away at school without using car you may also qualify for a lesser rate,” Ruiz said. Every insurance company offers different discounts and benefits depending on your coverage option and other factors, so it is important to check which one good for you before subscribing.

Best auto insurance companies for teens and young grown-ups or adults.


Geico made this list for the same reason it outperformed our other best lists. The carrier insures with competitive rates for young motorists nationwide– the average yearly included coverage premium for full coverage policy for a 16-yrs-old is $2,009, according to Bankrate. Also, Geico has a small number of complaints,stated by NAIC or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, in addition to high client satisfaction scores according to J.D. Power poll and surveys.

Geico’s robust discounts and incentives geared specifically to young motorists or drivers make it a good option if you need to lower your premium. This includes a” good student discount” for B average or bigger( save up to 15 percent), a new vehicle rate reduction( save up to 15 percent), a multicar rate discount( save up to 25 percent) and a good motorist discount for young adults or grown-ups who have been 5 years accident free( save up to 22 percent). These are huge discounts and what we love about Geico is its sincerity and openness on how much money you can save. Many Other insurance firm may tell you they give discounts, but they do not reveal the amount of money you can save.Read other Geico Auto Insurance review.

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Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers and Teens


It is important to know that most of us are not qualify for an insurance policy with the USAA-United Services Automobile Association, but if you’ve got a military officer in the family, your teen motorist may be suitable to get insurance coverage from this insurance company. USAA has made it onto our best insurance companies lists because of its great client service, J.D. Power said. The carrier entered an overall score of 884 and 909 in overall client satisfaction and automobile claims satisfaction accordingly.

In comparison, the general average are clocked in at 834 and 909 independently too.USAA insures with competitive pricing for those who qualify compared to other insurers,and taking advantage of incentives and discounts makes the rates indeed more competitive. It offers the same discounts just as other numerous firms or competitors, which includes for good students and for motorists who take motorist training courses. Teens who changed from a family policy to their own car insurance policy may be eligible for about 10% legacy discounts on their insurance policy.

State Farm:

State Farm is another insurance carrier with wide availability nationwide and a full variety of discounts for young drivers or motorists. Drive Safe & Save app own by State Farm, which monitors or checkmates your driving behaviors, could help you save up to 30 percent. State Farm has also a insurance program that is available to teens and young grown-ups or young adults known as Steer Clear, which gives you advantage of discount while guiding your child how to drive safely.also, motorists under 25 who’ve had no at- fault accidents or moving violations for three yrs could save up to 15%, which qualifies you for this rate discount quicker than with Geico. And if you’ve got a teen at college who only uses their automobile while at home on holidays or vacation, you will be eligible to get a student away at school discount.

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According to Bankrate,compared to other insurance firms on this list, State Farm’s rate discount for young motorists are enough hefty, which is great considering that the average yearly added insurance premium for complete coverage for a 16-yrs-old is $2,193.

Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers and teens


Everyone understands Flo from Progressive, but did you know that she also has a Twitter account with over 68,000 followers? That is bigger than the Twitter following for Geico’s unnamed gecko. Alongside Flo’s fame, Progressive have a small number of complaints nationally. The NAIC’s indexing indicates and scored Progressive at 1.26 out of 1.00( more than one means higher complaints). also, the average yearly additional premium for full coverage for a 16-yrs-old is $2,085,which is lesser than the normal average.

Progressive has different discounts for families with multiple vehicles as well as for both teen drivers and college students or scholars. Teen motorists who are 18 yrs old or younger and have been insured for at-least one year can qualify for a teen driver discount. And in addition to the standard ” good student discount”,Progressive cuts or reduce the price for students who leave their automobiles at home while attending academy more than 100 miles away from home, and for those who don’t drive frequently.


Amica made it on the best car insurance list because of its high client satisfaction scores – and that is one of the reasons it also included in this list. As the oldest mutual car insurance company in the US( meaning it’s possessed by its policyholders), Amica has over 100 years of experience or know- how in the industry under its belt. This carrier also operates in all states in the US except for Hawaii.

Along with standard offerings for young motorists including” good student discount”, student away at school discounts and defensive motorist training course discounts, Amica provides a unique way to save some money,a legacy discounts. This insurance premium discount will apply for young motorists under 30 yrs whose parents have had a auto insurance policy with Amica for at least five yrs. also,like State Farm, young motorists who’ve been accident-free for three yrs may also get a pricing reduction, which means they could qualify as from 19 years old.

Hope you enjoyed this article on the best car insurance for young drivers and teens, you can also Check here for more useful guide on car insurance policies

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