When the insurance is on a part of the body

When The Insurance Is On a Part Of The Body

When the insurance is on a part of the body.
Insurance on noses, legs, knees and wrists. Do you think this is madness? In fact, individual body part insurance is more common than you might think.

Each part of the body has its price. The tendency to secure arms, legs, nose and so on seemed like a show business trend but it has concrete and real motivations. Let’s just think for a moment about how a perfume creator without his nose and a footballer without a knee could work, but also a dancer without legs or a winemaker without a tongue. There are countless parts of the body that you can rightly insure according to your lifestyle and, above all, your work.

A pioneer of this type of insurance was a pin-up girl of the 1940s. This is the famous  Betty Grable: the highest paid supermodel and actress in the world. Her photos of her were everywhere and in a short time she had become a real sexy icon, thanks above all to her legs. And so, the 20th Century Fox Studio made the important and at the time unusual decision to insure her star’s legs for a million euros. Betty Grable became “The Million Dollar Girl with Legs” and a new business was born for insurance companies.

Returning to our days, after just seventy years, the list of men and women belonging to the world of sport and entertainment who have decided to insure parts of their body has become very long: Jennifer Lopez has ensured her side-b for 27 million dollars, Monica Bellucci has reserved the same treatment for her decolteè for 6 million. The legs remain an evergreen, to ensure them, among others, the supermodel  Heidi Klum , but also the singers Rihanna and Mariah Carey .

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Tom Jones has even decided to insure “his hairy chest”, practically insuring his hair for   $ 7 million! How to blame Valentino Rossi and Cristiano Ronaldo , who have decided to insure, one the wrists for 12 million dollars, and the other the feet for the incredible sum of 144 million dollars. Rock legend Bruce Springsteen has secured his voice and the number of singers who have made the same decision grows every day.

Not only famous people, but also professionals, artists, doctors decide every day to insure parts of their body, generally the part of the body that represents the main tool of their profession.

Do you think they are crazy? You are wrong. If you can really insure almost everything, the problem is only being able to determine at what price and above all to carefully choose who to turn to.

Who to contact?

The first step in securing a part of your body is obviously to find a company that offers this type of service. The web, in this case, can be a valid tool to find the company that offers this type of service, but it is not as useful for obtaining quotes. Since these are policies that require a study on the specific case, it is not possible to find an online estimator .

In Italy there is no custom of insuring a single part of one’s body with an ad hoc policy. Let’s say right away that no company offers this service. Italian companies use to take out life insurance policies,  or accident policies, in which an additional clause can be inserted for any future accidents or problems to a specific party; in this case, if the insured party were to be injured, the insured party will be recognized as 100% disability.

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Surely the number one, the real specialist in this particular type of policy is Lloyd’s . Not surprisingly, the latter is the world’s largest insurer of famous people. The London-based company insures any part of the body, and the stipulation and issue of this type of policy is a normal daily activity for the insurance giant.

Noses, tongues, knees, breasts, but also genitals and the five senses. There is no part of the body for which a value and therefore a risk and consequently a reward cannot be established.

How does taking out a body part policy work?

We could say that nothing different happens than a common appraisal of a building. It starts from a from a doctor’s estimate of the part of the body in question. We then move on to the definition of the measurement of any damage, and in this way we clarify what is covered by the policy and what is not. The risk factors present are then calculated, evaluating the age and state of health of the person, but also the risks deriving from the lifestyle and the activity carried out.

Finally, on the basis of the above, the premium is established. It goes without saying that the premiums for out-of-the-ordinary insurance are also quite exceptional. hope the topic When the insurance is on a part of the body is well understand.

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